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Quality management

To meet the needs, requirements and expectations of our clients, we have implemented the ISO 9001 quality management system. We all involve ourselves in the improvement of the quality of packaging production: managers, technologists, designers, technicians. We provide good quality of our products, which we improve at the design stage, in the technological process and in the entire production system of our organization. Experienced and qualified staff works closely to confirm the specialized requirements of our final controller, which is our client. We control the processes statistically, and put the greatest efforts into our own self-control and self-discipline.

Quality control, including inter-operational control, is inherent in our production. We conduct tests in our own laboratory as well as in external, accredited units to confirm compliance with the requirements to best satisfy our clients. The high quality of our equipment, testers and measuring machines are a great support for quality assurance.

We work with reliable partners that guarantee raw materials of the required quality. Committed Leadership - on strategic matters sets goals and actions, and our entire Team - aware of the importance of quality issues - together show the direction to achieve planned development changes.