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Transport trays

We are a producer of transport trays manufactured from foamed Piocelan with excellent cushioning properties. Our offer includes reusable transport packaging for carrying various loads. They are widely used in the automotive industry. They can be used to transport and protect car parts between individual in-house operations and over longer distances, providing them with optimal protection during storage and transport.

Thanks to the use of the highest quality raw materials, our products have many functional advantages:

  • durability
  • Shock absorption
  • resistance to deformation
  • no water absorption
  • chemical resistance
  • temperature resistance
  • high thermal insulation
  • low weight
  • easy cleaning

We deal with comprehensive implementation of orders. We provide assistance in packaging design, we make prototypes, we supervise tool performance. Prototypes are milled on a 3D milling machine. The prototypes are used to check the functionality of the trays and introduce any modifications so that the final production process creates packaging that meets all customer requirements.