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We offer the wide range of heat-insulating Styrofoam boxes- FISHBOX in the range of 400x300, through 500x300 to 600x400 and 800x400 mm. The styrofoam boxes are intended to secure the goods during delivery and storage.

In particular to foodstuff – food, fish and seafood, meat. Their using allows you to preserve the freshness and nutritional value of products and protects them from drying out, pressure, light or loss of fragrance. The company has developed and implemented an innovative styrofoam spacer system for water absorption, which regulates the moisture level and allows you to avoid problems with the so-called "leachates" occurring especially in the summer. This is guaranteed by a special removable spacer. In addition, all boxes can be produced with or without drain holes.

The boxes are made of high-quality expandable polystyrene in white color and have a PZH certificate of health for transporting and storing fish and food products.

On request, boxes can be provided with the customer's logo.